We lost in quarter finals, but we're still so proud of our drive team, and software team for winning us the Autonomous Award! We've had a great time this season, and now we're just ready to cheer on our fellow PNW teams!

We had amazing qualifying matches and ended up 8-2 and rank 4. We decided to pick our wonderful alliance partners @frcteam1425, @vortx3735, and @kcal_robotics! Looking forward to seeing y'all on the field!

We are so thankful to be going into playoffs with alliance captain @frc2158 in the 4th seeded alliance here on the Hopper Field!

Just won our 2nd to last qualifying match here on Hopper. Great job to our alliance partners 3794 and @project691 ! See us compete again in match 105! https://t.co/kaR130YJrl

Just had a tough match against @RoHAWKtics3824 @2046status and 3794, but we're ready to come back with fire in match 50!

Congrats to 1425, 1477, and 2122 on their win in match 20! Team 1425 moves into 2nd place after their second match of the competition on Hopper!
#team1425 #omgrobots #frcworldshouston

We just played a great 4 ranking point match here in the Hopper Division with @TexasTorque and @FRC2122 ! Great job, guys! We're currently ranked in 2nd place. We'll be competing again in match 30. Check it out in person or on the livestream: https://t.co/X7Dkc5Akps

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