We had a good time at Capital City Classic this year! We recieved the Excellence in Engineering Award, and made it to semifinals with the 4th seeded alliance. Good job to the first seeded alliance 🐦🔥💜⚡

We can't wait to work with you @CircuitofLife_ and we'll see everyone back in elims after lunch! @FRC1671 @ellipse6814 🐦🔥💜⚡

We've been competing at Capital City Classic this weekend. We just finished quals in 8th place and we can't wait to see what happens in alliance selection! 🔥🤖

We lost in quarter finals, but we're still so proud of our drive team, and software team for winning us the Autonomous Award! We've had a great time this season, and now we're just ready to cheer on our fellow PNW teams!

We had amazing qualifying matches and ended up 8-2 and rank 4. We decided to pick our wonderful alliance partners @frcteam1425, @vortx3735, and @kcal_robotics! Looking forward to seeing y'all on the field!

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