We are FIRST Team #1425 “Error Code Xero”, a team of dedicated high school students, generous mentors, and supportive parents, who have been building and competing with robots since our team’s rookie year in 2004. We are organized into six specialized sub-teams, each one driven to excel at our challenge of building robots capable of performing a unique and practical robotic challenge. Along the way, our team members learn a variety of technical, business, and leadership skills as well as how to work as a part of a team. Read more…

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Wilsonville Robot Rodeo!

Wilsonville off Season event Oct 9:
Robot Rodeo – is a one-day event for the first 24 teams to sign up. It will be in the format of
a District Qualifier on the real field, with scheduled matches and a playoff, to give teams the
chance to roundup their robots and get their new drive team members familiar with the
rhythm of a season event. The emphasis will be on getting every robot and drive team run
time, so there will be plenty of help, patience and gracious professionalism available. Don’t
worry if your drive team is new or your robot isn’t doing everything it was back in 2019. Get
the straw out of that robot and come have some fun!  In past years this has been a “Girls
Gen” event, but this year in the spirit of helping all teams get “back in the saddle”, any and all
drive team configurations are welcome. 2021 Infinite Recharge rules will apply.
Register to attend this event on October 9th.