We built Scorpio to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition game Recycle Rush. Scorpio was run off an H-drive drive base, with two omni wheels on each side driven off two cims each and a center wheel perpendicular to the two which would descend and allow for strafing motion. With this drive base came the agility to carefully position stacks of totes and a can on top while avoiding collisions with existing stacks. It collected totes with a hook which would lift them by their rim—a hook with two prongs which enabled the robot to lift two stacks of totes positioned side by side, allowing for faster stack construction. The robot manipulated cans with a second mechanism run off a second lifter, which was essentially a forklift that could easily lift cans after knocked on their side. Scorpio received its name from its stinger, a mechanism which would quickly slam down on and hook onto two cans positioned at the center of the field during autonomous and drag them to our alliance side.

2015 competition results at The Blue Alliance