Do you or someone you know need face shields or mask-clips? See bottom of page for contact info to submit a request!

Face Shield Project

Team 1425 members and mentors have been working with our peers on team 7034 (2BD) to create Face Shields for our local hospitals, first responders, and other interested parties. The part files for the upper and lower supports can be found on Prusa’s website. Links below.

Each shield has four components; an upper brace, a lower brace, the shield plastic, and the rubber band. Between our team and members from 7034, we’ve produced several hundred of the brackets. As the shield plastic becomes available, Marshall cuts them to size and punches the holes, then he and Tim assemble the finished units.

Here’s a peek at a set of finished shields on a table in Marshall’s shop.

Ear Saver (face mask clip)

Larry started printing these clips for people at his wife’s employer. Others have started printing them too.

Requesting Shields and/or Clips

If you or someone you know is in need of face shields and/or mask clips, please contact us at