Grond* is a robot designed to compete in the FIRST Robotics Challenge Stronghold. It is a very powerful robot with an eight-wheel, West Coast drive base powered by six CIMs—strong enough to overpower any defensive robot in its way. It is also equipped with a climber that will reliably scale the tower every match and a collector that will feed any ball in front of the robot into it on demand, allowing it to quickly score in the low goal. Grond can cross any of the defenses during teleop. During autonomous, it can bring a ball over any of the A,B, or D defenses or the low bar which can then easily be scored after entering teleop. We also added a high goal shooter around district championships to make us even more capable of achieving high scoring matches.

2016 competition results at The Blue Alliance

Watch the highlights reel below:

*From the orcish battering ram in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King