Team 1425 Team Photo 2022

Team Leadership

Overall Lead

Suhaani Garg

Robot Integration Lead

Lily Vu

Lead Mentors

Tim Bennington-Davis, Tom Sommerville, and Butch Griffin

Sub-Team Leadership


Student Leaders: Aasha Patel

Mentors: Marshall Stowell, Anthony Koch, Zoe Espinosa


Student Leader: Alison Hodge

Mentors: Steve Tarr, Tim Bennington-Davis


Student Leader: Rubi Martin

Mentors: Butch Griffin, Mark Kassab


Student Leader: Bianca Pinoli

Mentors: Glen Friedman


Student Leader: Aarush Palve

Mentor: Fiorella Kassab


Student Leader: Taylie Smith

Drive Teams

Main Drive Team

Driver: Alex

Coach: Nick

Gunner: Lily

Human Player: Cayden

Technician: Ryan

Backup Drive Team

Driver: Ryan

Coach: Aasha

Gunner: Elie

Human Player: Gabe

Technician: Sam

Pit Crew

Pit Boss: Aditi

Pit Crew Mechanical: Aasha

Pit Crew Mechanical: Annika

Pit Crew Electrical: Alison

Pit Crew Software: Rubi

Safety Captain: Taylie

Battery Tzar: Elie

A full team roster can be accessed by signing into TeamSnap.