Mission Statement:

FIRST Team 1425 Error Code Xero voted in 2011 for a four-word mission statement: Building Robots, Building People. The team exists to provide a platform for students to learn a variety of technical expertise, by creating and engineering robots, and to grow as people by mentoring younger teams volunteering at local events and sharing enthusiasm for FIRST throughout Wilsonville and West Linn. While our short-term goal each FRC season is to build the most successful robot, our long-term goal is to enable students to develop interpersonal and leadership abilities as well as personal accountability and self-confidence. By building robots, we are simultaneously building the next generation of STEAM innovators.


BUSINESS – The business team markets the team to our community, creates organized documents and write-ups, take pictures of the team, edits videos, applies to fundraisers and grants, and updates our team’s website.
DESIGN – The design team uses programs like OnShape to design the robot before mechanical starts to build it.
ELECTRICAL – The electrical team connects all electrical components on the robot, mounts sensors, builds independent electrical projects, and learns physics concepts and electrical theory.
MECHANICAL – The mechanical team prototypes parts of the robot, and builds the drive base and other subsystems specific to each year’s game and season.
SCOUTING – The scouting team collects and interprets data taken during competitions by our team’s Scouters and they use the data to help us understand how teams compare to us.
SOFTWARE – The software team programs autonomous and teleop modes, and writes the code in Java so the robots can perform various tasks either autonomously or while being driven by the human drive team.
STRATEGY – The strategy team writes the year’s playbook and works with design to create advantageous plays we can use at competitions.

For more information on the subteams, visit our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOUHjVS_mUQr-pgvrV1Ow9mHp_zpPIB0k

Team History:

Our team formed in 2003 when a FIRST Lego League team outgrew their original program. There were no FRC teams in the City of Wilsonville or the surrounding area, so they created a brand new team
in time for the 2004 competition season. Supported by parents and the local technology community, a team of 12 students set off to participate in FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar. They overcame many challenges and struggled with everything from planning out their build season schedule to making weight. They even struggled to find a place to meet, and ended up working in a mentor’s basement. Despite their initial difficulties, the team went on to win the Rookie Inspiration award twice that year, at the Portland and Sacramento Regional competitions. Currently, our team is approximately 20 students. Team 1425 has never been affiliated exclusively with any one school, and we welcome all students who are interested in joining our team. We currently host students from Wilsonville High School, West Linn High School, and Lakeridge High School, as well as charter schools and homeschool students from around the area.

We Want You!

Interested students need NO prior experience, and students can be on multiple subteams. They can also switch subteams throughout the year. On Team 1425, there are many opportunities for growth on the team, with experiences and skill building such as public speaking, teamwork, problem solving, and introduce students to STEM activities.

Contact us at recruiting@wilsonvillerobotics.com for info!