We built our 2018 robot, Phoenix, to compete in the FIRST Power Up game. Phoenix is driven by six mini cims in two, two-speed gear boxes, which power 6 colson wheels and ensure we can preform well under defense as well as at high speeds while remaining agile. Our robust grabber design allows us to quickly and reliably collect cubes from the ground and place them on the scale. Thanks to the shifting gearbox in our lift, we are able to raise from the ground to the scale or any height in between. All of these attributes culminate in Phoenix’s ability to preform quick cube cycles on the scale, switch, and exchange. During endgame, Phoenix deploys ramps which are designed to make it as easy as possible for alliance partners to drive onto. Once they are ready, we use the low gear setting on our lift to raise us and up to two other robots into the air, achieving an extra ranking point. To compliment our teleop scoring, we have a variety of autonomous modes including two cubes on the switch, two on the near side scale, one on the far side scale, and even one on the switch and one on the scale.

2018 competition results at The Blue Alliance

Watch the robot reveal video below: