For the 2023 FRC competition Charged Up, our team created Electron. Electrons most notable were our swerve drive base and our arm and grabber. The grabber was a clamp grabber with a flat polyurethane belt to collect cubes and cones. It had a high grip and two infrared sensors which were located at the top and bottom of the grabber. The arm was a Double selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm which consisted of two links connected by a MAXSpline shaft. Both links were driven by Falcons through a VersaPlanetary gearbox. Electron had a fully autonomous collection from double substations and the ground, with fully autonomous placings. We dynamically created a path, which the robot followed to the desired location, and then placed the game piece, retracted the arm, and gave control back to the driver. We used AprilTags to reset pose and collect and place actions. Electron was very successful as we won the Wilsonville District event, we were district championship finalists, and qualified for worlds.