Our Robot

For the 2019 FRC competition, Destination: Deep Space, our team created Endurance. Endurance perhaps most notably features a turreted elevator. The elevator/lift assembly also includes a hatch manipulator as well as a cargo holder. The hatch manipulator system extends or retracts claws upon impact between the front face of the hatch manipulator and a hatch panel. The extension of the manipulator itself and the claws are controlled with pneumatic pistons. The elevator can reach every level of the rocket ship as well as anywhere in between. The turret system is set to rotate 90 degrees in either direction upon input from the gunner via joystick. Endurance can intake cargo from the human player station, as well as from the floor. However, hatch panels can only be acquired from the human player station, as Endurance has no floor-focused hatch panel intake. Endurance is also capable of level three hab climbs. When attempting a level three hab climb, Endurance extends “grasshopper legs” with two gas shocks (one per side) to thrust the grasshopper leg assembly into the floor and propel itself upwards. 

Watch Endurance’s robot reveal video below: