We are so proud of our drive team, pit crew and alliance partners in making it to finals here at Clackamas. Fantastic job everyone! @3711Mustangs @frc360

We're so excited to be here at Clackamas this weekend! If you cant be here, watch us on the live! streamhttps://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires15 and come check us out in qual match 3!

We had a good time at Capital City Classic this year! We recieved the Excellence in Engineering Award, and made it to semifinals with the 4th seeded alliance. Good job to the first seeded alliance 🐦🔥💜⚡

We can't wait to work with you @CircuitofLife_ and we'll see everyone back in elims after lunch! @FRC1671 @ellipse6814 🐦🔥💜⚡

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